Although these two have nurtured a beautiful friendship, this isn't the only thing they should be known for. Both are influential scientists in the media, government, and in educating the general public about important scientific topics. The two scientists have had their own TV shows: Bill Nye starred in Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil Degrasse Tyson starred in Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Mr. Tyson also hosts a radio show called Star Talk Radio. Check out the following sections to see Mr. Nye and Mr. Tyson in television segments, government affairs, and in their own educational endeavors!

TV Appearances

The two have made separate TV appearances on comedy shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Inside Amy Schumer, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and other comedy greats.

Bill Nye discussing the issue of climate change on Last Week Tonight.

Bill Nye talks with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show about the possibility of life on Mars.

Neil Degrasse Tyson chats with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show about the intersection of science and religion.


Mr. Nye and Mr. Tyson have used their scientific expertise to influence the political sphere. Most notably, they are strong advocates of literacy in climate chance science and evolution. This duo is even friends with President Obama!

Watch Bill Nye get in a rather heated discussion with a Fox News climate contributor over the reality of global warming.

Neil Degrasse Tyson discusses climate change deniers, it's influence on politics, and his predictions for the future on CNN.

Bill Nye talks about the importance of incorporating evolution education into school science curriculums.


This duo has dedicated a majority of their careers to educating the general public about science topics. They have starred in their own TV and radio shows.

This classic for all 90s and 2000s kids is most likely Bill Nye's claim to fame.

Star Talk Radio is Neil Degrasse Tyson's radio show where he talks about scientific topics with celebrities. In this segment, he talks with Jon Stewart.